Green Dragon 420 Recipe

Only Ingredients are alcohol & weed.




You can add a tsp of this to dose for so many sweet recipes or in coffee. Dose responsibly or you'll start thinking, "Everyone knows!" or "Can I always read other peoples minds?" or "Is that a real person or the ghost of Dolly Partons past". Reefer Madness ahhh. Jk have fun!  

Here's the easiest lesson you can measuring necessary. 


1. Grind Weed up(how ever much you want). Don't grind it too too fine. 


2. Bake in the oven at 240f 30 mins to activate the thc. This process is called “decarbing”. Don’t let the oven go over 265F or the thc will burn out aka you won’t get high! 

3. Place the weed in a very clean Masson jar(it’s gotta be clean cause you don’t want a bacterial build up to occur)

4. Take the 94% proof alcohol(you can use vodka, rum, brandy) and fill it just so it’s covering the amount of weed you have. 

5. Put it in the fridge for 3 weeks. If you’re impatient 2 weeks is alright but may not be as strong. 

6. After a couple weeks, strain out the bud, and enjoy! A tsp for a dose. 


Lots of weed recipes in the future! It’s important to know the basics then you can infuse almost anythingggg! 



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